About The Cutlery Co.

Oh, hey there and welcome to The Cutlery Co - the place where you can do your bit for the planet!

The Cutlery Co exists because we understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want to do your bit for the planet - and you want that without compromising on style or convenience.

And more than that? You don’t want to have to go searching for a fork at lunchtime and no longer want to share communal cutlery in the work kitchen.

Founded in 2021, The Cutlery Co started as desire to do our bit for the environment and now turned into a mission to stop single-use cutlery ending up in our oceans and landfill.

The personal travel cutlery set you will find here at The Cutlery Co are all driven by providing a sustainable alternative to plastic.

It is how we help you to do your bit for the planet and save single use plastic ending up in our oceans or in landfill.