Who says sustainable has to be boring?

At The Cutlery Co we believe in style, convenience and doing our bit for the environment.

Bringing you beautifully designed travel cutlery sets bundled in eco-friendly re-usable travel pouches. Our stainless-steel cutlery set is the perfect addition for your handbag or to keep at the office, so you don’t have to make a mad dash to the communal cutlery drawer or worse - single use plastic!

Designed in Australia, The Cutlery Co is a proud member of the noissue Eco-Packaging Alliance and uses compostable mailer bags which means your goods are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging whilst helping to plant more trees.

As a member of the noissue Eco Packaging Alliance, one tree is plated for every order we make, contributing to global reforestation. noissue partners with One Tree Planted. This program plants trees in regions including North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia and The Pacific. More than 22,000 trees have been planted worldwide so far because of the Eco-Packaging Alliance.

Our compostable padded mailing bags are used in replace of plastic bubble mailers. They have an inner compostable layer of padding and an outer paper-based compostable layer. The padding is made from 70%-80% PBAT – a biodegradable co-polymer, and 20%-30% PLA – biodegradable refined corn starch.

Our padded shipping bags can be easily composted at home. Simply cut them up and use them as brown materials in your compost bin. Instructions are printed on the back of the mailers.

A feature added to our padded mailers is a double adhesive strip. This means that, unlike other mailers, you can reuse the bag by cutting along flap and then using the second sealable strip to reseal the bag.

Love Design. Hate waste.

Say goodbye to single use plastic and hello to stylish cutlery sets for use in the office or on the go!

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